Stockholm Investment Banking Week 2016

The SIBW 2016 was introduced by a visit at SEB. We were greeted by representatives from the SEB’s investment banking team and were given an inspirational lecture about SEB’s tradition and values. We also met representatives from Equity team. We were also granted the opportunity to be present at the trading floor during the Riksbank’s announcement of the repo rate cut.

The second visit at the SIBW 2016 was at Danske Bank. The LFG ate lunch together with representatives form the banking division. After a tour, we did two different cases – one leveraged finance case and one FX case. During the case many Danske Bank representatives from different divisions were present which resulted in interesting inputs. After the two cases we had a networking session where many Danske Bank employees were present for interesting conversations

The third visit was at Nordea. The LFG ate breakfast with representatives from the investment banking division. We were given a presentation about internship opportunities as well as meeting employees from the quantitative area at Nordea. After a tour guide, the LFG was then given an interesting presentation and explanation of the M&A process of the ETON company from the employees who executed the deal.

The last visit the LFG did was at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The LFG arrived at the office and representatives from the investment banking division were present and gave a lecture about the BAML organisation and internships opportunities. The LFG did a M&A case where a company was going to bid on another company. Afterwards, we discussed the case and were given interesting perspectives on what to think about when buying a company. Later, we also had a networking session.

The LFG is very thankful for the cooperation of all parts involved. The LFG wants to thank: SEB, Danske Bank, Nordea and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. It has been a splendid time and we appreciate the efforts made by all of the companies named above. Even though the banking industry is very demanding, many representatives made time to be present when LFG was there. The LFG is very thankful and each visit was very successful.

The board members also want to thank all participating members