LFG is happy to announce that the dates for LFG London Investment Banking Week (LIBW) 2016 will be from 4th – 10th of September. Together, 15 students from the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics & Law and Chalmers University of Technology will be selected to visit top tier Investment Banks in London.

The exact times for departure and programme will be released after all the bookings have been confirmed and completed. The successful candidates will be contacted and directly informed.
Submit your application to apply@londonfinancegroup.se no later than May 20, including a CV, maximum one page preferably drafted for banking, a Cover Letter, and your Grade Transcripts.

Being a member of London Finance Group is a prerequisite for participating in the LFG LIBW 15. If you are not yet a member, please read our about page and become a member here.

The hosting Investment Banks will review the CV’s of the LIBW participants and make notes for future recruitment. LFG LIBW participants are highly encouraged to apply for the internships and graduate schemes offered by the banks after introducing themselves.

The trip is fully self-funded. The admitted LIBW participants will be contacted with further information about the trip and to be handed the LFG Investment Banking toolkit (consisting of general corporate finance know-how and case studies). If you have any inquiries regarding LFG, or the London Investment Banking Week, please contact jakob.rados@londonfinancegroup.se.

If you have any questions regarding membership or if you need assistance with your application or want to speak to a LFG board member, please contact jakob.rados@londonfinancegroup.se.

Best of luck with your applications!